Why would I benefit from atv flash if I already use XBMC?

I was just curious.  Currently I’ve got an ATV2 and I use XBMC in order to stream movies and television shows from my NAS box on my network.  These are of course local files but I also like to watch streams from various television networks which I do through XBMC addons such as “free cable” and the like.


I was wondering if I were to purchase atvflash if my experience would improve and how?  Would I choose movies through the apple interface as opposed to using xbmc?


Here are a few things I dislike about my current setup:

1.  XBMC eats a ton of CPU resource on the atv2 and it takes forever for XBMC to check for new files in the library

2.  XBMC video plugins are constantly breaking, i.e. you go to watch food network and the shows won’t stream, etc…


I read through all the features of atvflash and most of them are of no interest such as browsing the internet (don’t want to have to use atv remote to enter web addresses), or checking the weather.  I use my atv2 solely as a set top box to watch movies and television shows so I’m looking to further enhance that process.

Personally I am in the same boat as you. The only thing I use it for is Media Player and sometimes some of the videos don’t work properly for whatever reason and I end up using XBMC.

Seems odd for a Firecore moderator to imply their media player isn’t any good :/ i use it all the time as i dont like xbmc or plex & it works perfectly well for me.


I am not an employee just a moderator. And why lie? I have had a few issues with some videos that the video would stutter during playback however in XBMC it was fine. The drive failed yesterday so I couldn’t troubleshoot it more so maybe that is where the issue lied. Who knows.

I use browser.