Why wont the cover art or poster change?

I select edit meta data and the correct movie comes up in infuse.

I select it and it still shows a screenshot from the file instead of the cover art from TMDB

I delelect and resave and it still doesn’t work

here is the movie in TMDB

Because the poster you uploaded to TMDB is not within the size requirements. Check the Contributors Bible.

Also take note of their request “Please do not upscale smaller images to meet the minimum resolution requirements.”

And don’t forget to select the correct language for posters with print on it.

EDIT TO ADD: You may want to take note of the “Not Supported” section of their “New Content” restrictions too.

Thank you for this information. It makes sense.

But why is it that when I select “local Metadata” it doesnt show the jpeg I have in the folder labeled as folder.jpg?

If you’re trying to put a poster for the movie you may want to try naming the jpg file with the same name as the movie per the users guide instructions.

Also the second poster you added at TMDB was also not to their specs. It has to be 1:1.5 aspect ratio. Something like 1000px X 1500px

You need to make sure your submissions are to the required specifications so it will work for everyone.

Trying hard to help others by contributing. Just can’t find an image with the correct pixels and I don’t know how to make one from scratch