WHY WHY WHY - now I'm resyncing 700GB AGAIN !!!

I thought the “external” storage function introduced in 3.6.4 was supposed to KEEP your media on the ATV when updating.

It kept it, when I updated to 3.0 but iTunes wouldn’t recognize the media so I had to re-sync my 700GB library, which, even over a 100Gb/s Ethernet cable takes A F*CKING LONG TIME.

I thought that, OK this was a major ATV update, so Apple probably changed something.

Now I’ve just updated from 3.0 to 3.01 and ATVFlash 4.01 - AND ITUNES IS RESYNCING ALMOST ALL MY MEDIA AGAIN!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

When you first re-connect the ATV to iTunes it set’s it up as a new device, I clicked Sync before realising the sync settings hadn’t been retained, and maybe thats what messed it up (since it kept about 100GB on the disk), but THERE NEED TO BE A WARNING ABOUT THIS!!!

The Wiki just says to switch to internal storage, update and then switch back - which I did - but there needs to be a COMPLETE EXPLANATION, so we don’t have to sync hundreds of GB every time.

I paid $50 for this software, I EXPECT IT TO WORK AS ADVERTISED!!!

This is what I was afraid would happen again so I decided not to take the plunge in updating to 3.01 since I wasn’t having the syncing issues that Apple has mentioned. I did however just run the updates for NITO, Launcher, and Maintenance from the menu on 3.0 / 4.0 and everything seems to be still working fine with the exception that NITO is having issues playing certain files but everything else works normally and all my media on my external usb drive from iTunes is still working. XBMC works fine on all files which is my default player anyways.
No plans to update to 3.01 / ATV 4.01 for me then unless I run into these so called syncing issues.