Why too many complains for new v5? May be because of difference between real improvements and our expectations?

Why I started this topic which would be more compatible with topic “Suggestions…”? Because, on my opinion, we need to stop negative wave and try to put discussion on constructive way may be? If you don’t agree with it, please stop reading and close this topic! If not – let’s explain to developers what we really expected from major update and expect in the future because we agree in generally with subscription model, we understand the developer’s position and we like Infuse and don’t ready to change it for Plex, VLC or something else…

Developers announced a lot of improvements. They made a huge job for this update. And I could trust them then it’s true. But by our eyes we can see only two things: iCloud synchronization (but only shares and corrections, that’s all) and cloud storages (like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) access which is too doubtful function for many people who hasn’t unlimited storage space in their accounts vs middle size of 1080p movie with 4-5GB size or middle TV Show around 5-6GB for only one season. So, we should be honest, the last possibility (cloud drives access) is not very useful for many people. What we expected in reality? Let’s try to say it in one place:

iCloud synchronization should be more various: James told sometimes ago that it may takes a lot of space in iCloud accounts. Ok, let’s exclude from synchronizing database posters. Only text information like names, descriptions, artists, etc. It doesn’t take a lot of space but it allows us to prepare and make corrections on one device and transfer all information about library to the other. On the other device we need to download only posters and fan-arts without any other movements. It really saves time and forces for people with big libraries and gives us very simple possibility to move from one device to another when we change them (or we change Infuse version like today) without reindexing all library which might be very big or huge.

Export/Import function for our databases: May be it is possible to realize it through shares (USB hard drive, Time Capsule HD, etc.) for instance? It might work like previous bullet but through disks (not iCloud) and with pictures already (posters, fan-arts, etc.), but obviously without video files. Reasons are the same with previous bullet.

Using Embedded/Online metadata logic: as to me I was really surprised when I discovered that if both points in settings are “ON” I will not receive the simple possibility to decide myself what I want to watch – online or embedded metadata. I will receive EMBEDDED or COMBINED metadata! Why?! Why I can’t choose for one part of items – only online metadata, for others – only embedded and for others – combined? What is the reason? May be it would be more logical to exclude these settings from Settings menu and simple allow users to decide what metadata they want to watch (embedded/online/combine) by long tap on item how it works (but not proper on my opinion) today (in Poster View at least). But the best solution – for one season – embedded, for other season – online for instance, sometimes it might be very useful.

Reindexing/Reloading metadata only for the season, NOT for all TV Show’s episodes: I have in my collection animated TV Show with 8 seasons and around 500 episodes for today. And it is not the end! As I know 8 season has not finished yet! My son very like this show and I have to add new episodes time to time. Some days ago I tried to add some new episodes and only after that I discovered that theTVDB hasn’t contained proper information about these episodes yet. Ok, I made corrections on theTVDB.org myself and asked Infuse to reindexing new episodes for proper names and metadata. Infuse started reindexing ALL episodes of all seasons! Why?! I needed only new episodes reindexing, at least only last season! But NOT ALL 500 episodes! It took a lot of time and I was really disappointed! So, on my opinion, this point should be fixed as soon as possible!

TV Show view for items which use embedded metadata for: it is very simple but may be the most understandable point – if you use online metadata, you can see TV Show view for TV Show (in Poster View obviously), if you preferred embedded metadata – you will receive all episodes like independed files in one folder. Why? If it is because of Infuse can’t receive fan-art and episodes images? Ok, I agree to add fan-art.jpg (for instance) myself to folder like folder.jpg. And I ready to watch simple gray rectangle on episodes images places (but as I could notice, if theTVDB.org doesn’t contain images for episodes Infuse uses fan-art). TV Show view really more convenient for TV Shows and it should be implemented as for online metadata as for embedded metadata.

Sorting type of items in Poster View: Infuse always put all folders (all TV Shows in my case) upper than Movies and I can’t sort ALL items in combination TV Shows and Movies together by title, filename, date, etc. Always folders (tv shows) upper! Really strange… And from James only one suggestion – use List View. But I can’t!!! Because of it is inconvenient for me! The fist point when I bought Infuse – it’s Poster View option! It is necessary for my four yes old son who can’t read yet but he wants to choose cartoon which he want to watch himself! He orients in Library only by posters! It is impossible to list for him around 1000 items up-down and down-up all time when he wants to choose cartoon. It is simpler to show him some screens of library and he can choose cartoon based on poster. It is my personal case… Other people like see all library in Poster View in order from last added to first added and don’t like to separate movies and tv shows… This separation was started in iTunes. It was really strange at that time and it is strange for this time… It is more flexible when you can choose what you want to watch between movies and shows when you see it together in one place. It is my opinion. In Finder (on OS X) it is not a problem to sort all items of folder by name, be date, etc., despite on the type of item! It is very simple, very traditional function and it should be fixed as soon as possible on my opinion too!

There is my short list of expectation which we didn’t see in last major update. I hope that this list will be fixed in the nearest update. If you agree with my list, thanks, if not – let’s add it in your posts below. But I kindly ask you to be realistic and write only about strange and unexpectable functionality of Infuse, e.g. about mistakes in logic or coding. Not about new features! For new features we have slicked topic “Suggestions…”.