Why So Movie-centric?

I see movies by genre, top rated movies, but none of that for tv?
Why do movie-centric?

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I’d guess that with a TV show that has many episodes and seasons with different story arcs that would fall under varying genres and viewer ratings for each episode and season you couldn’t assign a single rating.

With a movie, it’s a single video that stands (or falls) based on it’s singular merit.

genres per show are available on tvdb and tmdb
not an episode-based thing

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I have tv shows by genre:
What device are you looking at?


My bad, I never have a reason to look at genres for TV shows but their there in the library. Just no sorts for rating.

Thanks for keeping me honest. (as much as possible anyway :wink: )

Not on mac

If you edit the Home Screen can you add it under tv show options?

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ahh i see it thanks

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