Why should i use Jellyfin

I downloaded Jellyfin, to play around with it.
Actually i do not see why i should use Jellyfin with Infuse.
Infuse does it all right?

Or am i missing something here…

Maybe someone can fill me in.


There are many that use only Infuse for everything but some want more control over different aspects of customization not currently offered in Infuse.

I’m running Infuse only primarily to avoid having to have to maintain an additional server application and maintaining it on a different device. I also hate having to do detective work when something goes awry and having to figure out who’s to blame, the server or Infuse. :wink:

Infuse offers me all that I currently need or want in a single application.

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Right, Thats what i thought. Its nice to play around with jellyfin but it really is an unnecessary app in my opinion. Infuse does it all and without conversion whatsoever.

Hereby i will delete jellyfin from my mac.

I only wished that infuse had the possibility to change the genre images without the hassle to point 10 stars to a movie in that genre… and also i wish i could genre per movie myself.

I use Infuse with Plex providing the metadata because Plex gives more control over that aspect of my media. But as far as a player, it is hard to beat Infuse on the Apple TV.

It’s the best one except for the lack of multi-user support