Why should I still use Plex server?

I’m a long time Plex Pass user and am now using Infuse 6 with Plex server integration. My household has multiple devices streaming from the same server.
I am wondering though what the remaining advantages are in using Plex server over direct (NAS) file access, assuming the following:

  • All media I have can be direct played without transcoding.
  • I only stream on the local network, no internet access or downloading.
  • Metadata, watched status etc. is synced with iCloud / trakt.
  • I don’t need any advanced manual metadata editing.

It seems I don’t actually need Plex server anymore, but I’m so used to the client/server setup that it feels I might be missing something if I go Infuse only. Are there any obvious features that I will lose without Plex server?

Performance. Speed test results:

On wired connection (Same movie, nfs server and plex server on same machine):

NFS Share = 190 Mbps
Plex Share = 750 Mbps

Wifi (Same movie, nfs server and plex server on same machine):

NFS Share = 90 Mbps
Plex Share = 250 Mbps

I’ve never seen buffering on a Plex Share.

I will assume your numbers are correct.
I don’t understand why that would be the case though; if no transcoding is necessary, shouldn’t the network/harddisk speed be the deciding factor in performance? And wouldn’t that be the same both for NFS and Plex streaming?

One sure way to find out, try it on your set up. :wink: You can create an additional SMB share in Infuse and try it along side Plex and see what you like. There are so many different opinions of what fits the streaming media need that really the only one that matters is yours!

For me I don’t use Plex and have no interest in having to maintain “another” media server software package and Infuse fits all of my requirements.

After using and maintaining a Plex server for 4 years, automating everything with Sonarr and Radarr I got bored and annoyed with updates that break everything. I manually transfer seasons and movies from my cheap seedbox to my low powered, almost silent NAS and I let Infuse take care of everything else. I don’t need anything more than that.

I totally agree with vdatanet on the speed issue. So much, much faster with Plex integration. Despite some logic in it. I have a lot of 4 K Movies, and they play much better with this integration. What, though, is sometimes missing, is some info on the particular file playing. I take speed and stability (no buffering) over formel info.

The other advantage to keeping a Plex server is uncomplicated remote play and the ability to stream on devices that don’t have an Apple TV box. Let’s face it… if you have a small smart tv sitting in a bedroom the last thing a person wants to do is throw down more money for an AppleTV when the plex app on the TV will suffice.