Why oh why Apple ATV with no Ethernet?

So I wanted to get the new 4K ATV that was recently released, now for any media player purest we want Ethernet, also Ethernet is one of the most basic interfaces that we can expect from most stationary devices.

I don’t need the 128GB version as I’ve been doing just fine my two existing 1st Gen 4K units which were 32GB and both using Ethernet. I had the 64GB version in my basket and it didn’t even occur to me for a second that it didn’t have Ethernet until I spotted it was called ‘Wi-Fi’, then I spotted the 128 version showed ‘Ethernet Plus Wi-Fi’…wtf man, I’ve gotto drop another 30 quid just for Ethernet, it’s crazy.

So yes I do accept that Wi-Fi nowadays is more than up to the job of streaming 4K from your average streaming platform, but it’s not the point, how is it that I’ve gotto pay more for Ethernet? It’s not a laptop…

When using Infuse and streaming a 4K 80GB movie, your Wi-Fi needs to be really on point to keep that snappy, it’s like Apple only think people use online streaming platforms.

I dunno, it wound me up and that’s why I’m posting in the lounge about it :confused:

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Possible, but more likely that’s all Apple wants you using it for.

They sell streaming content, and sell access to their users to other people who sell streaming content. Guess they figure they’ve got no financial incentive to support high-bandwidth offline services — so if you really want the ethernet plug, they’re gonna charge you.


Yeah I know, what you say sounds right and is probably true, but from a cost point of view the 64GB is £150 and the 128GB £170, apple have always charged silly money for more flash storage, very evident on phone models, so you’re paying for storage plus Ethernet, just doesn’t add up to me.

Anyway I felt good to moan about it and the new remote is so much better!


128GB is the way to go anyway :wink: and yes, in the end I also ended to have the ATV on cable as with Wifi some 4K-titles were stuttering from time to time.

I‘d love to love the new remote but it is useless for Asphalt 8 (and other games) - so l exchanged it for the old one…

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You can play games on ATV? Are they good?

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I got addicted to EA’s Real Racing back in the day. Surprisingly entertaining game for a streaming box.

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Latest atv has Ethernet , I’m using it right now !

Only the 128 version, the 64 version doesn’t.

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Ah gotcha. I’d have been annoyed if I’d have gotten the lower memory without spotting the lack of RJ45. HomeKit and MKV playback on wireless is not a recipe for success IMHO!

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Well yeah, this is the point, I dont need 128Gb of internal storage, my apple TV’s pretty much just have Infuse on them, I nearly didnt spot the lack of Ethernet on the 64Gb model.

It is possible to stream large files locally on WIFI but whilst Infuse is a purest media player, IE it steams the full wack without transcoding its best to have Ethernet. My Cinema room is ethernet but my two 1080P TV’s utilise WIFI as my house is super hard 100 year old brick, it’s not always easy to get ethernet to where you need it internally. Its not an issue for my two 1080P TV’s but for the main setup it has to be ethernet for sure.

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Yeah good luck. I live in central london, uk, and the Wi-Fi interference is just awful. Laptops and phones only. I did get the opportunity during a full house renovation to Cat6a the cr@p out of it though!

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Yeah I’ve got Ethernet in all the places I really need it, where my servers are, my office, cinema room…also having two points put in upstairs soon.

The cables have to either run under the floor where they or outside then up into the roof then down via an outside wall into the room they need to.

If I ever get to build my own house or renovate to a similar extent I’m putting one in every room!

I put 3 in every room and I still find times it’s not quite enough. LOL

Yeah, any 1Gbit link then split further into a switch will saturate…

Wondering if there is any crazy residential putting 10Gbit switches and storage in their house, you could then run a 10Gbit uplink to each room into a 10Gbit interface allowing for more localised switching.

All sounds great and achievable but problem is my ‘server’ is just a 1Gbit setup, I would need to change everything!