Why not move to another platform?


maybe someone already asked this question - if so never mind. And sorry for my poor english.

First of all I’m very happy with my apple tv 2 and atv flash (besides the fixed 720p output and the limitation with high bitrate mkv’s). Waiting for months now to get a JB for my atv 3 - wondering if there will ever be one - I’m asking my self why u just don’t move to another platform. I mean by atv flash u show that u are capable to make a very powerful mediaplayer, so why don’t move to a android base device or something like that? I can’t believe that it is more easy to develop for an closed and undocumented system like the atv, than for an open system like android or debian.

At least u could sell a whole package, for example a specific android device with ur own software running. No more trouble with jailbreaking, updating (and again jailbreaking) or hoping for a new exploit. Also u can specifiy ur own hardware, so there would be enough memory or cpu power - fewer limitations to work around.

Or just go with already existing devices like the MK802. Very powerfull, even more powerful than an atv 3 and native hardware support for 2160p - and less expensive than an apple tv, too.


I would appreciate if u would think of something like that in addition to your actual portfolio.


Knock, knock…anyone out there? 8)

ATVFlash has created it’s own market of being the only (as far as I know) product to enhance the device. If they moved to Android you’d only be selling the UI and not the enhancements since those devices do a decent job on their own. Seems like a bad business decision IMO.

Would you buy a UI for $30? I doubt many people would.

Mmh, until now I can’t see anything that could compete with atv.


I’ve found many players but all have a big problem - mostly bad software. Not only the ui is ugly but the most features don’t work as expected. And before a handfull of bugs is fixed, they push out a new device with new bugs.

The problem is, that these are mostly hardware reseller, which don’t have any experience in developing software. Firecore has the abillity to do it the other way.

But as I already wrote, Android could be an addition, not a replacement for iOS. In iOS there is not much to do at this point. Since there will be no new ATV 1 or 2 and the ATV3 seems to be unbreakable, the market firecore aims at starts to shrink.

It must not be an application like it is on an Atv, it would be better to build their own hardware and sell it with their own software.


And back to ur question: Yes I would buy. I’ve done it for my atv, I also bought powerdvd for my PC and at least I would buy XBMC - if it was possible. On the other hand I expect much from a paid software. Things have to work - than there’s no reason why not to pay for it.

I’m a software developer on my own and know that good software is much work and needs to be paid.

Perfect timing I think  :wink:


Chances are Apple will release an SDK for the AppleTV with iOS6 or shortly after. I’d take this as a sign that if Apple goes in that direction like they did with all other iOS devices FireCore wants to rebrand themselves as an app so they can continue selling it through the App store. Having a unique name is the first step.

To your previous points, their interface is amazing but I’m not sure how well it would work on Android. The beauty (to me) of ATVFlash is the consistency between the stock UI and their media player. If they ported it to Android, you’d lose that or it would stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t use XBMC for that very reason, I find jumping UI’s quite jarring from a usability perspective.

i was only just thinking of this!!! not on android obviously… i was actually thinking of a media player app for iPods and a iPads!! i have two atv2 running media player in my home and the ui is fantastic… everyone that comes over or housesits always comments on my home setup and ask if i can set the same up for them. But for my kids and my laziness sometimes it would be easier if i could access media player from my iPad while they are in bed of in the lounge. Download option from the NAS would be good too if we decide to go on the road but its not essential!! I’m very much looking forward to iOS6 because i recon apple is on the verge of opening the apple tv up to third party apps and i would be more the n happy to pay again for an app for my atv3’s that are currently useless…