Why No Series Poster?

Hi everyone, i have new and not sure why, look at the series file luther of 5 seasons has an image(poster) on the master file which contains the 5 folders for each season from 1-5. Why does this file have a picture when the one directly next to Mayor of Kingston (2 seasons) doesn’t?

if someone can explain to me.


Because it is showing a folder name and not a series name (series’ names don’t include dates) I’m guessing Mayor of Kingston has not yet been indexed into the Infuse Library.

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My guess is that either you don’t have the episodes of each season in individual season folders or you don’t have the year in the file names of some or all of the files. If you have the year in the series folder name then you need to have the year in all of the episode file names. Or if you only have the year in the series folder name often you can delete the year in the folder name and it usually will correct the artwork after you do an edit metadata on one episode.

Can you show a screen cap of the file folders and files for the Mayor series?

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