Why no music support? (serious question)

Been using Infuse Pro since it was released.
But what stuns me is the lack of music support.
It’s a very easy thing to implement, due to the already built-in support for those
formats in video files.

It looks like, from my perspective, a political decision rather a technical/roadmap one.
There has been a couple of forum posts about this and even an “official” comment somewhere with something like “we’ll consider it” …

Can we expect a music feature with at least flac/mp3 and cover support any time soon?
Or if not: Why?

Please fix this. It would make soooooo much sense, and will make it on par and even beyond on any other media players like Kodi for example.

Regards, Zeb

I don’t think that it is because it is hard to play the audio. Obviously lots of audio formats are supported when attached to a video. I think it is that there would be a huge undertaking to support music by itself. It would require new source for metadata, artwork, creating the “library”, filter, sorting, preplayback & playback screens, new types of favorites/lists. There are still a lot of video related improvements to support. Maybe once most of those have been completed they might consider it.

I am curious why you think Infuse needs to do more than video? I personally use icloud music library (I know its not for everyone), and I feel like it would make more sense for it to be a different app than included in the same one.

I agree that infuse should do a music app, but not included with the video. They do so well with the video, think what they could do with music.
I have a huge music collection so I don’t need or want a streaming service, I want to listen to my own collection.
I use Kodi app on a fire stick tv at the moment. If infuse had a music app like their video app, I would love it. Hope they do consider it.
Apple TV pushes their music app, but I hope they don’t discourage other music apps because there no other music apps except streaming services available.
Again, an infuse music app should be considered.

You all can add your support to the thread that is already running in the Suggestions forum here.

That’s how you stand the best chance of getting it added as a feature to Infuse.

This is why I am developing music client on tvOS for Jellyfin

To listen to music through infuse I had to do a work-around. It’s a little extra work but it gets the job done.
I create a playlist of music Files, then I run it through a converter to convert the files from mp3 to video format. I add the folder with the convert files to favourites and use local metadata so it doesn’t slow infuse. Now I can play them.
Next I add them to a playlist so infuse will play them all with shuffle feature.
I wouldn’t do this for all my music, too much work, but great for playlists.

So you are doing something like MusicChoice but in reverse haha.
I made some progress with music client for Jellyfin, however I can only test it now in simulator because Apple doesn’t want to fix bug in Xcode and I cannot connect to Apple TV wirelessly:/

Still no comment by Firecore, only “might consider it later”.
There are already support for it, why not add it?
Firecore - You doesn’t have to set the bar so high, just play audiofiles and playlists and show embedded or external jpg cover.
Care to give a serious comment? Please?