Why no ISO menu support?

I just set up my new AppleTV 4K, and downloaded InFuse, only to find that while it will play most of my existing ISO
files, it doesn’t really behave properly.
It will play from an ISO file, but it automatically selects the primary title and begins playing it.

Where as my 4+ year old WD TV will not only play all of my ISOs, but it will also show the proper menu
for the DVD and let me interact with it just like my DVD player.
In fact, the WD TV is the only thing I’ve found that will do this for ISO files…

So, why doesn’t InFuse properly support ISO menus?
Will it ever?

If not, I’m returning InFuse and my AppleTV and going back to my WD TV…


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but be glad that the playback works it has been banned by the industry for some time, it can not change Firecore’s and is not to blame

“it has been banned by the industry” - what “it” ?

I truly hope we get access to the DVD menus, half of my DVD iso rips are TV series with episodes, and I cannot view them on my newly purchased Apple TV4 - which was the whole idea. Why access to menus should be banned is beyond reason. HELP!

If this is ‘banned’ by the industry, how come that mediaplayers like Dune etc. fully support DVD and Bluray menu’s, even from ISO files?
The only thing i can imagine is that Apple made a deal with “the industry” and prevents app builders like Firecore from implementing this for some reason.

Currently I have to switch to my WD TV Live, in order to play iso files with full DVD menu options.
Hardware media players like WD TV Live, Dune, Oppo etc can play play ISO files with full DVD menu.

Is it due to license with the iOS and Apple TV’s App Store’s Terms of Services … that no such menu options for DVDs when playing ISOs??


I am new here and am having the same problem with not showing Menu’s in .iso files so I am glad I found this post.
Guess I will quit my trial of Firecore’s media player on my iPad and use my Android tablet with VLC media player because Android doesn’t seem to be in a “Piff” with the industry.
In other words it works perfectly on the other side of the street.

Hey all. I do support this point. I am missing the BD menue as well. Would be happy, if this could be implemented in infuse.
There is a little,workaround. You can try to use the chapters in the video window, inside the movie. However, this is usually pretty complicated, and you need to search for the right chapter.

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