Why isn't this found?

I’ve upoaded a diagnostics: H0752.

I don’t know if this beta related or not, but it is weird. I have a file called Secret Of Water (2015).mp4 and Infuse cannot seem to get metadata for it from TMDB. In fact when I start to type it finds stuff but as soon as I type secret it stops matching. It’s not like there aren’t some 5000 movies on TMDB with this in the title…

What’s going on?

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I just tested by copying your exact name from your post and it found it right away without any need to do and edit metadata on Infuse 7.5.6.

Secret Of Water (2015) 2

And I got this

I feel your pain. This is a very common problem for many years, and is often brushed under the carpet, and always ignored.

Do you have embedded metadata turned on?
(I noticed your file is mp4 and @NC_Bullseye test file is mkv…as is 100% of my library)

Personally I have never once had a mismatch assuming the show/movie exists on TMDB.

Turned out that the problem was at TMDB’s end…

This is not my first day at the rodeo, a comment as “it works for me” isn’t helpful in determining what goes wrong.

Error messages (if there are any) from Infuse are extremely uninformative hence I want a way to see the log myself!

When I noticed it didn’t show te accompanying data I already entered Edit Metadata. Saw stuff coming back from TMDB and then it is silent… I don’t expect TMDB to be suddenly gone. I don’t think I have a network problem as half a second ago I got answers from TMDB and I can see the discs in my local network. A message like “Oh deary… TMDB stopped answering” would have been more helpful.

Longstoryshort, it shows the correct info now without me doing anything to help it along.

Often users who have a problem like this have an error in the actual file name they have overlooked and type it correctly when they ask here. That’s why I copied what you typed and did the test. Sorry it didn’t help you this time.

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