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I am running the latest Infuse Pro 7.5.7 and just uploaded few new movies, but Infuse cannot find 4 of them in the database TMDB. Cannot understand why… tried many similar titles … but no success ? Can you have a look and and try and let me know why ? here are the files names of the 4 movies :

  1. Le Saut du Diable (2021).mkv
  2. Le Saut du Diable 2: Le Sentier des Loups (2022).mkv
  3. J’Irai au Bout de mes Rêves (2021).mkv
  4. Pokémon - The Arceus Chronicles (2022).mkv

Thank you for your help

The second one didn’t show up for me but all the others are listed as a TV Show instead of a movie. You will need to name your files with Season and Episode in the name, like:

  1. Le Saut du Diable (2021) S01E01.mkv
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Thanks for your answer… I managed to change the file name according to your suggestion and I can now find the movie “Le Saut du Diable (2021).mkv” under the TV series. I am still having some issues to retrieve the other 3 movies for the TMDB. Any other suggestion from others facing similar problem ?

As @munpip214 said, these are not movies but TV series.

Item 1 and 2 are seasons 1 and season 2 of a TV Show with each season being 2 episodes. (Le Saut du Diable 2: Le Sentier des Loups (2022) is season 2)

If you name your files and arrange them as this pic shows you should get what you want.
Le Saut du Diable (2021) names and directory
This can been seen here

Item 3 is also a TV show with 1 season and 2 episodes in that season so you would follow this example.

This can be seen here.

And finally item 4 is a Mini-Series with 4 epoisdes and will look like this.

This can be found here.

Again these are all TV shows and need the S0xE0x following the show name so Infuse will search the TV database instead of the movie database as TMDB.

Good Luck!

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Thank you very much… it works perfectly the way you recommended !

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