Why is there no metadata for series blurays?

I’ve got my TVSeries folder on my NAS which contains TV series like Family Guy, Modern Family etc. Every season has a folder, and a folder contains episodes, usually .mkv files. Infuse usually finds the correct metadata for these series.

But… i also have folders for series which contain bluray discs only… e.g. Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad has also folders for each season, and each seasonfolder contains 3 or 4 bluray .iso files or BDMV folders… Infuse refuses to find any metadata for these series… Why is that?

Unfortunately, Infuse does not currently support fetching metadata for single items which contain multiple episodes, but this is something we have on our radar to look into for the future.

If it was only possible to ‘edit’ the metadata for the folder and subfolders (like in case of faulty tv series) so i could manually set it to the series i want, that would be something…