why is there a Infuse Pro version?

I have infuse 3… whats the difference? Oh wait… I can no longer airplay with my current version of 3 from my iPhone and HAVE to pay another $9.99 to do so?

Please explain the major difference from V3 and Pro? Case in my eyes your doing everything to grab money from your users when you have a decent following but are trying to do EVERYTHING you can to get money from us… like EA.

And current iPad users who could stream with V3, and in the next update won’t be allowed to… Im sorry… but I think this should be addressed… and would suggest dont update… but WHY is there a current Infuse 3.1(which we’ve ALL paid for) and a PRO(for $9.99)? You’ve dumbed down 3.1 for what I’m seeing as the in ability to airplay most file formats, but given it the ability to direct play those formats. I’ve paid you for my aTVFlash and Infuse and have been an avid supporter, but with the recent updates and “money” hungry tactics… I think you have a customer and possibly many more with word of mouth and internet…

Please someone explain whats going on and the reasoning…

I agree that the naming/numbering around infuse 3 is a bit confusing!

With infuse 2 there was only a paid for version while Infuse 3 has a free version (with upgrades via inApp purchase) or the Pro version which has the upgrades bundled in.

The upgrade process from infuse 2 to infuse 3 involved installing the basic (free version) and then applying an in-app purchase to the Pro version. Existing users of infuse 2 (paid for) would have got that either free or at a reduced price depending on when they exercised that option so are probably already using infuse Pro. There iwas also the recent option with infuse 3.1 update to get support for DTS audio enabled (for which FireCore have to pay license fees) added to the Pro support. That is the only option I have had to pay for when going to infuse 3 from infuse 2 and since there is a license fee payable it was not reasonable to expect that to be a free option.

There is also the option to buy Infuse Pro directly which includes all the above as an initial purchase.

A clearer statement on what the various options provide and the pricing/roadmap for getting between them would definitely be a good idea.

As to whether the basic version with no inapp purchases supports AirPlay I have no idea as I have always been on the Pro version. I have seen no indication that an existing facility is to be withdrawn in a future release - where did you get that information from?

I also notice that `I cannot find out which version of infuse Pro I am using from within the app as the version number of the binaries does not seem to be shown anywhere. I am on the current 3.1 release, but the only version number I can find in the GUI is “Infuse Pro 3.0 upgrade” which is the inapp purchase - not the underlying infuse binaries. I would expect the binaries version to show somewhere (probably under Settings which is where most apps put it) but it is not there in inFuse.

The features of Infuse Pro (In-App purchase) and Infuse Pro (paid app) are, and always will be the same.

There are few reasons why we chose to create 2 apps, but the main ones are listed below.

  • In-App purchases allowed us to provide upgrade pricing for existing users ($2.99 instead of $9.99)
  • Paid apps can be used for Family Sharing, In-App purchases cannot

A bit more info on the reasoning of why Infuse 3 is a paid upgrade at all can be found in the link below (Spoiler: license fees).

But I dont understand why I can’t have airplay with my older version. Thats like having Photoshop, a newer version comes out and they update the older one to not be able to save. To force users to buy the newest version.

Now unless I’m experiencing an error with either my network or device, which could be the case but I havent had any issues till I updated to the current version. Ive restarted all my devices, iPhone, both aTV 3s. and it still won’t work. But my iPad which has a lower version of Infuse can airplay with no problems.

All of your Pro features from v2 are transferred over to v3 (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and any future version).

Can you provide a bit more info about the AirPlay issue you are seeing? Are you seeing an upgrade prompt? Does the video appear paused?

To confirm your v2 features were in fact transferred, you can take a look at the Infuse sidebar as you should see ‘Pro v2’ text like the attached image.

Pro v2

When I try to AirPlay. I can see what me navigating to. But when I hit play, I get the loading circle and it will either 1. Kick me to the cover art screen 2. Show the first frame , then kick me to the main folder of where my movies are, 3. Give me an error saying it can’t play the file.

Can you try disabling the ‘Dolby over AirPlay’ option found in the sidebar settings menu?

Everything is off except Dark Mode. Would clearing Metadata help (its at 275mb)? Would a reinstall work?

Hmm, sounds like a bug then. A reinstall wouldn’t hurt, but it may or may not help.

The upcoming 3.2 update has a number of AirPlay related improvements, but in the meantime if you want to send in your logs it may help track down what’s going on. http://support.firecore.com/entries/26759150-Submitting-Diagnostic-Logs

Will do. Thanks for clearing everything up.

So i was going over some of my video files… and its hit or miss… about 50% of my video files seem to work… the MVK files seem to have the most problem; especially the those with a newer creation date… Those with a higher rate of bit rate seem to “crash” the app… like I’ve been experiencing…

This is definitely not typical, as we’ve had no trouble streaming full 12GB+ Blu-ray rips from a NAS to an Apple TV over AirPlay. The speed at which the video starts will depend on the Wi-Fi signal strength, but there should not be a crash.

Sending in your logs from the Infuse app (if you haven’t already) will be the best way to look into what’s going on.