Why is Infuse downloading thumbnails for my library when I am only using Plex client?

I only have a Plex client connection in Infuse as my library, so why is Infuse still downloading thumbnails and other syncing stuff? Shouldnt it leave that to Plex?

Looks like Infuse needs to build it’s own library regardless in order to be able to provide search and various filter functionality.

When using Plex, Infuse will cache the metadata and artwork directly from your Plex server instead of having to fetch it from TMDb/TheTVDb.

This is a one-time process, and when new content is added in the future Infuse will only need to gather the details for the new items, which is usually done very quickly.

@James is this still the case? I would like to connect a large Plex library to my Infuse client on the Apple TV and want to know if it will still produce the same amount of cache on the Apple TV when absorbing a Plex library as it would if it were pulling from a basic file share.

A few versions back we added an option to disable image pre-caching for Plex.

Pre-caching is disabled by default for new Plex (as well as Emby/Jellyfin) shares, but this option can be adjusted for existing shares via the Advanced section found when viewing the share’s settings.

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Great, thanks!

To confirm, with pre-caching disabled do things still get cached locally on the Infuse client? If yes I assume it’s only “as necessary” (i.e. as thing are accesses / viewed). If no, great!