Why is infuse asking to view and edit everything in my dropbox account?

When I was going to upload a file from drop box to infuse, this pops up;

“ Infuse would like to:

  • Edit content of your Dropbox files and folders, view content of your Dropbox files and folders, and view and edit information about your Dropbox files and folders

  • View basic information about your Dropbox account such as your username, email address and country”

Why would infuse need to gain access to all of my dropbox folders and files and, to then view and edit them ?

I’m sorry, but this is not happening and I would strongly suggest to any infuse + dropbox user to not allow anyone to access your entire dropbox account and for them to do whatever they want to do with ones files and folders.

Letting infuse access to one dropbox folder is bad enough, but letting them have access to everything and legally giving them the right to read, write and delete whatever they want is foolish.

For me personally, this is the end of my infuse experience as I cannot support an app that wants read/write access to absolutely everything in dropbox, and thats only dropbox, what other app or way of uploading / streaming is next, maybe they will want access to your entire pc or server ?

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