Why is Genre tag show in "sample.nfo" only supported for Movies?

I’ve confirmed I can both add and delete TMDB-derived movie genres to titles by utilizing the genre tag in local NFO.

Given how no help seems to be forthcoming for reuniting the three TMDB genres Infuse sees fit to display twice …

Why are genre tags not respected for television videos?

Manual overrides for TV series is currently limited.

You can follow this thread for updates.

I know. But since you guys went and destroyed cast & crew and didn’t hold back from embracing those tags for TV, why not the genre tags, too?

Well, you see, I did that… and noted even back then that Firecore hadn’t yet posted, for example, a sample .nfo file for a tv episode (to match the movie one) to show which TV tags you support … and you still haven’t.

So I’m stuck trying to figure out how to fix all these problems (or work around them) without a proper understanding of what simply ought to work and what simply ought not to. Feel like I’m wasting a ton of time.

Did you guys even address yet (if only internally, at least) the problem with the duplicated cast databases, the incomplete background indexing of the NFO based one, and the duplication of search results?

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