Why if I am in the PRO version I can't unlock "free" features?

I have the Infuse PRO version installed on my MBP M1 or I think I do as per the image below

when I try to play a media with Dolby Digital it asks me to go PRO once again to be able to unlock a “free” feature included within PRO

Why? How do I recover my PRO licensing on my MBP install so Infuse is aware of it and I can use free features?

You can click the ‘Unlock for FREE’ button to activate this at no cost.

Hi @james it asks me to login into my App Store account and click on BUY … will I be safe by doing so?

Yes, logging in will be required, but it’s a free purchase.

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No. You will be charge money. I used to be like that

This is incorrect. You WILL NOT be charged any money for these free in-app purchases as long as you have a current Pro subscription.

I was in charge and I informed to Firecore (Infuse). They replied that it was apple’s problem

The purchases themselves are listed as free items in the App Store, so it isn’t possible for you to be charged for these.

If you are seeing charges on your card around the same time these were activated it may be related to a separate purchase from another app. You can look up your past purchase history to confirm exactly what these charges are for. Full details on locating your past purchases can be found here.