Why I only see 30 items in collections?

No matter what I do (rename/add) with collections in Jellyfin I always get maximum 30 items in Infuse app (Apple TV and also MacOS app) - although I have 70 collections in Jellyfin.

Anyone having same problem?

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What section are you browsing in infuse to see collections?

The default “Collections”

Not exactly sure where that is from. Can you browse manually with the library to the movie collections section? If this is a favorite on the home screen than it is limited to 30 I believe.

Well if I add Collections to the Favorites section then I can see all 70, but it’s not that nice (mostly because favorite sections are without arts)

I would guess when I click “See All” from the default section I would see them all but that’s not happening.

I have been experiencing the same issue as well. It seems that directly browsing through a “favorite” collections allows listing of more than 30. If browsing collections library item or pinned to home screen then there is a limit of 30.

Poster view or list view don’t appear to make a difference in listing more than 30 collections when access through library collection or home screen collections.

Issue occurs on AppleTV 4K as well as on MacOS.

As stated prior, only workaround is to have a directly added favorite (non-library)

In further testing in macOS using latest Infuse (7.5.4), it appears that I can reproduce the issue and workaround it through another means.

  1. Under Settings > Collections & Groups > Uncheck all the boxes in this section
  2. Select version is set to Auto
  3. Under Settings > General > Clear metadata
  4. Exit Settings
  5. Close out of Infuse application
  6. Open Infuse application
  7. Collections previously limited to 30 entries under Library and pinned to Home Screen are no longer limited.

To break the full listing of collections again so that it gets stuck at 30, do the following:

  1. Under Settings > Collections & Groups > Check any box or multiple boxes under the this section
  2. Select version is set to Auto
  3. Under Settings > General > Clear metadata
  4. Exit Settings
  5. Close out of Infuse application
  6. Open Infuse application
  7. Library and pinned Home Screen collections are now limited to 30 again. Favorited collections through Files was not impacted in either case.

Seems that checking any box or multiple boxes under Collections & Groups breaks the functionality for me.

It appears I wasn’t as thorough with my testing to find the defect. The issue only occurs when following the above steps, however the checkboxes under Collections & Groups that cause the issue when checked are:

  • Group Movies Into Collections Checked


  • Group TV Shows Into Collections Checked


  • Both Group Movies + Group TV Shows Into Collections Checked


  • Any combinations of boxes checked including either Group Movies Into Collections or Group TV Shows Into Collections

No issue with listing more than 30 collections when any combination of the remaining options are checked under Collections & Groups settings:

  • TMDB Collections
  • Custom Collections
  • Details View
  • Smart Groups

It appears I wasn’t fully right in my analysis after testing further on my Apple TV 4K. The act of pinning the Collections (Library) to your Home Screen is what consistently causes the issue on both Apple TV 4K and macOS. Removing the pinned entry from Home Screen and restarting the application appears to resolve the issue.

This is what works for me:

Just in case I’ve understood this wrong:

Are you saying that individual collections will show only 30 items each, or that only 30 links to unique collections will be shown in a list that should include all collections in one’s library?

(I’m thinking the latter but wanted to be sure.)

Hi @FLskydiver,

Thanks for double-checking – it’s the latter of the two. Exactly the same as the original poster described. I have drilled down even further into the issue and found that the Settings > Collections & Groups checkboxes originally suggested as a potential fix is actually a red herring…the issue occurs when a the Collections entry included in the Library is pinned to the Home Screen. Unpinning the Collections entry and fully restarting the Infuse application on the device (macOS, AppleTV 4K, iPad Air) fixes the issue for me.

I just made three small screen recordings demonstrating the behavior. I compressed the video down significantly, but the behavior should all be seen clearly. Please note that after each part I fully quit the Infuse application before recording the next step.

Unfortunately the community restrictions are preventing me from uploading the three small .mp4 files which are 12MB, 5.7MB, and 3.5MB respectively. Is there a way to temporarily allow these uploads or do you have a method you’d like me to use to get you these screen recordings?

I temporarily created an iCloud share for each of the three files. Please let me know once you’ve accessed them so I can remove the temporary share.

Thank you,

PART 3 .

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Probably don’t want to post those links in open forum. It may contain too much personal info.

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Thanks @NC_Bullseye . My apologies for that and appreciate you correcting my mistake.

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You’re welcome. Unfortunately I can’t offer any suggestions, but you did a good job narrowing down the issue.

Hopefully others running the current version of Infuse (I can’t update mine) can confirm this behavior and someone from Firecore can take a look at it.

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Just wanted to bump this as I am facing this bug as well… 100+ collections on Emby, only 30 visible when the Home Screen contains a reference to collections. Even trying to list them all by the “see all” button or the “search - collections” only results in 30.
Only workaround is indeed to remove the collections section from the home screen, then restart the app, then use “search - collections”.

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