Why i like apple tv

Being a video buff i picked one of these up because i like projects.I hear alot of complaints about this software but am still am unsure what some expect.With limited processor capability etc it fills my video needs by far.I have mine setup for my sons video server.Simply rip all my dvd’s etc to an iso(my choice is iso) 1st shrink to under 4 gig with dvd shrink.Then convert to iso via image burn.Naming file is crucial as to grab artwork.All my movies play fine with boxee and even my wife can consistantly play all movies with no problem.I have over 80 movies ripped.The music server through boxee is also awesome!!!I have no need to install crystal broadcom ship or attempt to play mkv or blueray as thats what i bought a popcorn hour for which plays all my blueray rips flawless with a great gui.I am gratefull for the updates and the integration and just wanted to give my thumbs up for this and would make a recomendation to all who want more you might think about investing in a more powerfull peice of hardware…i by far am not claiming to be a apple expert either with all windows machines :wink: Just my to cents thanks for the great support…

I like it because I wanted a media player with a small footprint that is quiet and looks nice in the living room. I’ve enjoyed it so far but it has been a drag putting HD content on it through iTunes. I now have the aTV Flash and I just ordered the Broadcom Crystal HD card and am really looking forward to that to get 720p without conversion.

You will have to let me know how the broadcom chip works with mkv.Is it limited 2 720p?I hear it is fussy what it will play…What exact model of the broadcom are you getting?I am curious as heck about it as i use the popcorn hour with movie jukebox for all my blueray content and if the broadcom chip works good and is not to fussy what it plays i will most probably invest in another apple tv.The only thing that i would like to see is file transfers to apple tv quicker ftp is kinda slow and my external hard drive is not convienant enough to move around every time i want to transfer.Thanks for positive chat :wink:

Ok, I’ll post back here when I get it installed. Should be about 2 weeks (ships from Hong Kong). No it’s not supposed to be limited to 720p so we’ll see. I only have a 32" LCD HDTV so anything above 720p is lost on me. I’m getting the BCM970012. I have an external USB drive attached to my ATV.

Fyi, over on appletvhacks.net forum a couple of people had this to say about the Broadcom Crystal HD:

“Well, I can confirm that it is working. Using the tutorials above, it was very easy to install and set-up the card. No major problems, whatsoever. All 720p movies play great, but I have had mixed luck with 1080p stuff.”

“yes, 720p MKVs and MP4 BRrips that were previously not watchable now play with no stuttering. My TV is 720p resolution, so I am not bothered about 1080p at the moment, but I am hoping newer drivers will improve on this.”

Great Feedback!!!I I am looking forward to nekoians feedback on this and maybe it can shoot you a few mkvs to try once you get it installed ;)Thanks again

Awesome to hear asuming you are talking about the broadcom with crystal hd.I am a little confused on the link though!Was this supposed to be a link to the installation?Either way thanks for feedback

Ok I have the Broadcom Crystal HD installed now and working. I can now play mkv files at 720p. These are typically 3-4GB files. Some of my 1080p (~8GB) files worked well too but not all of them. I have not yet watched a whole movie but I’m very pleased so far! :smiley: Pretty cheap improvement. I paid $23 CAD shipped from Singapore.