Why FTP files to your aTV? Use your Mac's Finder instead.

I find it’s easier to work with my AppleTV by treating it like a normal file server and mounting it on my computer’s desktop rather than using an ftp program to transfer files. (Ain’t Mac’s great?) To do so, go to your Mac’s finder and type Command-K (or use the Finder pull-down menu, Go/Connect to Server). Then, in the textbox, type ftp://appletv.local and press return. (To save as a favorite, click the + button.) Once you press return, your Mac will mount the AppleTV if they are both on the same network, and display a server icon on your Mac’s desktop called appletv.local. Now, double click on the appletv.local icon and from that point on, you can work with your AppleTV as if it was a hard drive connected to your mac. All folders and files are accessible. It’s a whole lot easier for me to work with the AppleTV using the Finder to drag/drop video and audio files rather than trying to ftp them since I’m already familiar with how to use a Mac’s Finder to move files around. You can even open multiple AppleTV’s at the same time in your Finder. For even more fun, drag the appletv.local desktop icon onto your devices list in a Finder window and as long as the appletv is mounted, it will be available from any open Finder window. Want even more? Control-click (or right click with a 2 button mouse) on the desktop appletv.local icon and select Make Alias. An alias of your appletv.local will appear on your desktop. Drag the alias onto your Mac’s program dock. Then eject your appletv. Now, anytime you click on the alias appletv icon in your doc, it will mount the device onto your desktop and should open it automatically, or if it’s already mounted, it will open a new Finder window showing your AppleTV file structure.

Smart smart… But it looks like it dosen’t work work with a external usb hdd, But i can see the folder structure.

Does this really work? FTP in the finder is limited to read only…or am I missing something?

As already written by scsmith1964, this does not work because the Finder window is read only. Don’t believe me? Follow the instructions and try to drag and drop a movie into AppleTV’s movie folder. You will get a dialog box saying that the folder cannot be modified.