Why don't you guys just remove "AppleTV3 update coming soon" ?


Since we’re not even close to any kind of ATV3-jailbreak perspective in the near future, I don’t understand why you guys keep saying on your websites home screen “AppleTV3 update coming soon”. I think its only fair to remove that till there is some reliable news about a jailbreak. Otherwise you will continue to lead potential customers astray (myself included), tempting them to waste their money on an ATV3.



What page do you see that on?


What about the ATV3, will this work?

Unfortunately not. Work is still ongoing for the ATV3, and we hope to have more news soon. For the latest updates be sure to follow us on Twitter.




So what happen with you? you choose ATV3 so you must wait, they are doing hard work to give all people for free. Dont create some stupid topic like this

I don’t think my remark is stupid buddy. That statement “ATV3 coming soon” is a senseless announcement when there is not even a tiny hint that there will be a Jailbreak soon.

I actually agree with the OP here. It is misleading.

It was for me too - and helped me make the decision to buy a ATV3.

I got the 2nd gen to hold me over until the 3rd gen. Its only 100 bucks new.



I do as well!!

Latest  info in 2 words.

Either way, you’re still not out of luck using the ATV3 in native mode, it should be thought of as an investment for the future when it IS eventually released.


atv3 jb


That is not an official blog from Firecore. Therefore it is fake.