Why doesn't Infuse show any poster?

Hi guys (@james ),

my library has grown very much, therefore I am reorganizing everything.
Before I had three shares: movies, series, documentaries.

Now I want to split some shows.
For example now I have another share called Anime with all my Anime shows. Added it as a favorite to my homescreen, so far so good.
Now I want to move also my Anime movies, but now the struggles begins.

One example: I have a folder (within the share Anime) which contains three movies (Berserk The Golden Age 1-3). Infuse only shows an empty folder icon, instead I excepted to show the trilogy poster. I also put a poster.jpg file into this folder, still no luck. This applies to all folder which contains multiple movies. When I put the single movies into the share, all posters for each movies are shown correctly, however I want them to show as collection, like in the library.
Is there anything I can do right now?

This also applies to folders which contains a seriens and movies. The series is shown correctly, the movies folder is only an empty icon (for example all One Piece movies in the same folder as the series, but in a separate movies folder).

Second question: Why are my movies not alphabetically sorted aside from the series), instead the come after the series? Can I change that (in settings, sort by title is configured)?

If you open the blank folder do you then get the Berserk Trilogy poster? If you do, then take the three movies out of that folder so they are all in the same directory as the other files and not separated from everything else.

This should work as long as in your settings under “Collections” you have “Group Movies Into Collections” turned on.

This may also solve your second question about the alpha order of display.

Unfortunately not.
The movies only are recognized as single movies, but not as a collection. I tried everything.
However in my library the movies are shown as a collection.
I guess this whole collection feature only works in library. @james , can you confirm?

If I could even set a poster for a folder manually, I would be happy, but this is also not possible.

PS. all collection settings are turned on.

What happens if you at the wanted picture to the folder with the name “folder.jpg” ?


This is the one that should group those 3 together everywhere the way it was explained to me. Maybe @james could verify this.

Also, did you delete the folder after you moved the three movies into the directory with all the other files?

Thaaaank you! This solves my first question.

This setting is on.

Yes, I deleted the folder after I moved all three files into the share directly. They will be listed as three movies. My guess is that since I have my share directly as a favorite, Infuse will not apply collections.
However in library they are all under a collection tho.

The thing is, meanwhile I have to many movies and shows to just use the library, where all movies (or shows) are shown. Yes, there are some filters, but not the ones I need. Therefore I want get it organized by myself directly on my NAS and work with different shares.

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Yes, Collections are Library only.


Name it “folder.jpg”.

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Thanks, @remotevisitor already mentioned that.

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My second question with the order is also solved. I changed the order to „By Filename“.

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