Why does the webdav client try to access /www and fail?

I’ve setup a simple webdav server under something like “ht tp://”. I’ve verified from another machine this works. When I try to add this to the Infusion player on an Apple TV 4K (address and path /media/videos/) it fails with a HTTP 403. When I check the web server logs I see that it is trying to access /www.

Why does it try to access /www and how can I fix it?

You may want to go through the users guide and see if that may help.

If the server is set up to access/redirect the root folder to /www (and the user entered into Infuse does not have permission to access this folder) this error may appear.

If the user has limited folder permissions you may try appending the folder path to the share address, and Infuse will access this directly.