Why does SeasonPass start over every time?

I just got done jailbreaking my 3 AppleTV’s.  Can someone tell me why SeasonPass basically starts over (after the download step) each time?  Is there something unique about each ipsw that it has to create a new one every time?




FireCore claims that Seas0nPass on the Mac will locate the previously created IPSW and use that instead of creating a new one each time. Sadly this isn’t possible for Windows. However there is a work around. Once your device is in DFU mode you download and run a program called iREB. This will force the device into PwnDFU mode to allow the custom IPSW to be restored. Once you click the AppleTV2 button and the upload is complete you can open iTunes and do a Shift+Restore and select the IPSW Seas0nPass created the first time. FireCore support said they will add this into the coming Windows versions of Seas0nPass.



It’s never happened on the Mac for me either…

[Suggestions / Other] Message From FireCore

Dec-31 2011 14:08

mattygdot sent a message using the contact form at 

Could the Seas0nPass app be improved to allow you to use the custom IPSW it 
created previously in case of failure to restore? I have noticed a custom dfu 
file being written to the device before the iTunes script is run. If we could 
point Seas0nPass to the custom IPSW that has already been created then we 
could simply upload the file and restore. This would save a significant 
amount of time during the restore process. Thanks



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FireCore, LLC
  • Hi, this is currently supported in the Mac version.

    This option can be found in the Seas0nPass --> Help --> Restore in iTunes menu.

    -FireCore Support 

Jan-03 2012 10:25
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  • What about the Windows version? I understand that we can run iREB to upload the last stage to allow the custom IPSW but shouldn't Seas0nPass detect that it has already jailbroken the IPSW (on Windows I mean)?


Jan-04 2012 06:29
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FireCore, LLC
Jan-06 2012 09:43

Hi, this is currently supported in the Mac version.  This option can be found in the Seas0nPass –> Help –> Restore in iTunes menu.


Wow!  Never knew this was there!


Feature request:  This should be a little more intuitive.  When the software launches, it would be great if it recognized that the file was already there and ask if you wanted to use it, or start over.