Why does Pro not load onto my other IOS devices?

I’ve upgraded to the Pro version for $4.99 on my personal iPad2 and it works great, however my iTouch is requesting the I pay for the Pro version again. I tried the Restore option from the iTouch and entered my iTunes password, but it says I need to purchase the Pro version again. None of my other paid IOS apps work this way (unless there is no iTouch version). I paid for other apps and they are alway available on my other devices without the need to purchase them again. I’ve paid anywhere from $0.99 to $19.99 for apps and never had to purchase them a second time, so I’m assuming this is a bug.

What is supposed to happen here? If I need to purchase Pro again, then what happens when I retire my iPad2 and purchase an iPad Air? Do I need to re-purchase Pro each time? If that is your intent, don’t you think this should be made more clear to your customers?

Thank you.

Are you running the same version of Infuse on both devices, and are you logged in using the same Apple ID on both devices as well.

Due to the nature of the Infuse Pro in-app purchase, it’s actually not possible to purchase it twice with the same Apple ID, so even if you try to you will get a message saying something like you already purchased this…tap to download.

Woops, that’s what it was. All’s good now. Sorry for the confusion.