Why does Infuse not show up as a purchased app in Apple TV?

Just wondering why it might be that Infuse doesn’t show up as a purchased app (I have a yearly subscription) on my AppleTV. To update it, I have to search the App Store, where it will show an update is available. But it doesn’t show up as a purchased or installed app like every other app (Plex, TestFlight, etc) on my AppleTV.

Look in the app store on the ATV under “Purchased” then the sub section “Entertainment” it should show up as “Infuse Video Player”

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Thanks for the speedy reply, NC_Bullseye. I agree it should show up there, but unfortunately for me, it doesn’t. All that category shows is Plex. VLC is listed under Photo & Video, and every other app on my AppleTV shows up under All Apps - all of them except Infuse, which is the one I use most of all.

Once it’s been updated, it will show up under the Recently Updated tab, but otherwise my ATV seems to think it’s not installed at all.

It’s not a huge deal, but it does seem like a weird anomaly.

I have the exact same problem. I wonder if it’s something to do with being a beta tester? As I’m sure it used to appear in Purchased for me. Perhaps adding Infuse to TestFlight caused it to be removed from Purchased?

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Glad it’s not just me:-) But I had the same issue before I signed up to test the betas.

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Is this happening for anyone else? Again, without visiting these forums, I would not have known there was an update for Infuse on my Apple TV. Had to search the app store again to make it update.

It happened to me and I eventually found the app in hidden purchases. On your iPhone or iPad open the app store and click on your profile pic. Then click on your name to take you into Account details. Scroll down and you’ll find Hidden Purchases. Have a look in there and unhide if you find infuse.

Thanks for that tip, but I tried it on my phone and it doesn’t work for me. It’s just not there in my purchased apps. It does appear in my subscriptions, but not in my apps.

If it’s hidden on one device then I believe it gets hidden on all devices.

This guide has info on unhiding apps, which may help.

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Thanks for the tip, I just found infuse in my hidden purchases. No idea how it ended up in there.

Thanks, James - that did it! For some reason, Infuse was hidden on my Mac. Discovering this and unhiding it was not exactly an intuitive process, so that guide was invaluable.