Why does infuse classify all movies and TV shows into other categories?

On my infuse, all of my movies and TV shows are categorized into other categories (0 movies, 0 TV shows, 764 others).
The problem appeared on my iphone, macbook and apple tv, which left my infuse home screen with nothing.
My resources are connected to infuse through SMB and WebDav, and they are all very standard named. I asked my friend to test and all videos were correctly identified on his infuse.
I have reset my device several times and reinstalled infuse, but nothing has fixed the problem.
How can infuse identify these videos correctly?
Thank you.

There are a few reasons this may happen, but the most likely is either metadata fetching is disabled in Infuse or a folder has been tagged to use local metadata.

More info on adjusting these options can be found in this guide.

Thanks for your reply.
I checked it out on my infuse, and indeed all the videos use embedded metadata, so I can manually enter the name to find the movie.
But I did not turn on embedded metadata in my Settings, and I always turned on automatic metadata download.
If I don’t want to have to manually search each video separately in the future, is there a way for infuse to automatically search metadata for all videos?

Which platform are you using with?

Can you check to see what ‘Metadata Fetching’ and ‘Embedded Metadata’ are set to in Infuse > Settings > General?

I’m using a macbook now, and I have automatic metadata on and embedded metadata off in my Settings (which I’ve always used in the past).
Now when I manually set the metadata for one video, it seems that other videos will automatically search for metadata as well.
I’ve turned on the Embed Metadata button before (and have since turned it off) and I’m not sure if this is a bug. If you turn it on and then off, you may need to manually search the metadata before infuse automatically searches it.

If you browse the Files section on Mac, and navigate inside one of your folders - can you open the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner and see what it says nexts to Metadata?

This will normally say ‘Online’ but will show ‘Local’ if a folder has been tagged to use local (embedded) data.

I finally found the reason why infuse does not automatically search because of the network.
I was able to automatically search for metadata on my macbook because I had VPN turned on on my mac and my phone didn’t, so I still couldn’t automatically search for metadata.
Neither wifi nor cellular are available, and can only be accessed through a VPN, which isn’t quite what I’ve known before.
Thank you very much for your answer.

So, with VPN off are you able to manually search (via the Edit Metadata option) for the correct titles on your Mac?

After shutting down the VPN, the network connection error will be displayed, and manual search will not work. After research, it should be a DNS problem.
I have now replaced my router with a new DNS and infuse is working correctly.
The reason infuse doesn’t categorize videos correctly is because of network problems, so it doesn’t have access to online metadata.
The problem is now resolved, thank you.

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