Why do some TV Series in a Folder have an Image while others don't?

I’ve noticed since i switched to SMB from uPNP/DLNA that some of the shows in my collection are actually displaying an Image for the show, while others are just a plain vanilla folder. What is the reasoning/logic why some would have it and others wouldn’t? I even checked and there isn’t any image files in the subfolders either. How do I get the images for all of the folders to populate?

Same here…

Can you provide some of the file names that you’re having issues with?

Hi NC Bullseye; Like I mentioned, The actual individual seasons are displaying their correct artwork. My structure for my TV shows folder is as follows:

TV Shows
-Star Wars Rebels
-All individual episods under the folder

The individual episodes are compiling correctly to show the seasons with the respective cover image for the season, but the outside folder in this case, Star Wars Rebels, is just a regular folder. In comparison I have other shows that do in fact have their Root Folder showing an image for the show.

If this doesn’t help ,let me know what exactly you need and i’ll get you the info.

Are the individual seasons in separate folders such as “Season 01” and “Season 02” or do you have all episodes regardless of season in the one main folder?

The individual episodes are all in that same folder, I don’t have it broken down with a folder by season.

I just tried it that way and they will get the series artwork if you place each season into it’s own folder and label the folder as I showed above.

Ok Will check it out when I get home and will advise. Thank you!

Your best option will be to browse your TV series using the Library, as this will display artwork at all levels (series, season, and episode) whereas browsing via folders requires things to be organized in a very specific way in order to get series artwork.

If you do want to rearrange your folders, you can check out this guide which has more info on grouping everything into series/season folders.