Why do I have to reboot AppleTV to access my smb shares?


I’m using nitoTV 0.7.4 (and have been using the three prior versions too). I connect to shared folders on my PC using smb shares, but I have to reboot ATV between times I want to access the shared folders.

I shut the PC down during the day, so the ATV loses connection. But, when I start it up and try to connect using nitoTV to the shares, I get an error -can’t mount message. Only a full reboot (not restart finder) seems to reset everything, then I can reconnect the share manually and browse the folders.

Has anyone else seen this? Ideas on how I can avoid rebooting ATV all the time?


I have the same issue…thanks for posting the question.

I have the same issue…thanks for posting the question.

Could it be to with your PC getting a new ip address when you restart it, I know little about networking, but if you are essentially using your pc as a file server then doesn’t it need to have a fixed ip. I could of course be talking rubbish.


Thanks for the reply.

I am using a fixed IP address for my PC. Other info – the PC is running Vista Ultimate, and the share I’m accessing is on the local C: drive.

well thats not it then but I did see a post recently with regard to smb shares. here you go…don’t know whether it applies to you but worth a look at although the posts are a little out of date. http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1133

edit: having reread the post more carefully the issue was exactly the opposite


Thanks. Yeah, that post is the opposite case. For me it is 100% reliable to reconnect to the shares after the reboot.

I just don’t want to reboot.

You may try unmounting the share through nitoTV prior to shutting off the PC.

You can unmount the share by locating the shared drive in nitoTV > Files, and pressing the left arrow (rewind) button on the remote.

To remount the share when the PC is back online, navigate to nitoTV > Network menu, and click the share you wish to mount.

Thanks, but is there possibly a software fix in the works that might address this also? Seems like a reasonable request.

This seems like an old thread but I haven't been able to find the answer.

Yes, you can unmount a network SMB share but what about when you simply forget and the host computer goes to sleep on its own??  Yep, a reboot of the AppleTV fixes the problem but there has to be a better way?