Why do have your files on a local storage instead of streaming like Netflix etc.?

Hi guys,

often my friends don‘t understand why I prefer to have my movies etc. on a local storage, instead of just have some subscriptions like Netflix, Disney+ etc. and just stream „everything“.
So what are your reasons why you have your files on a local storage?
And beside that do you still have subscriptions? If yes, why?

Lack of high speed internet sufficient for 4K streaming?

Choice of movies tends to be older than most streaming services?

Cost of maintaining a subscription to multiple sources just to find the occasional movie to watch?

For the same cost of subscribing to streaming services you can get 4K blue ray DVDs to rip and cover your occasional in the selection of streaming wants?

Nerd factor too high not to tinker with the do it yourself adventure?

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Also sometimes shows or movies are getting removed from the streaming services and I am watching shows or movies multiple times.

Another point for me is, that I like to „collect“ movies and shows and actually own them.

It is not necessarily saving money by buying blu-ray vs streaming but I get a noticeable quality improvement in both video and audio.

Also having everything I want to watch in one place as opposed to several steaming services is a big advantage.

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Yes true.
I don’t want to go/search through multiple apps to find something to watch.

In my case I watch what appeals to me.
The streaming services are fine for mainstream stuff.
For some of the UK sitcoms/shows that I grew up with in the 70’s it’s not viable.
I also watch a whole lot of History documentaries so again not viable.

Yep I also watch plenty of current running shows and recent movies but I often fall back to rewatching my older favourites (sometimes admittedly as background noise.)

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I understand what you mean.
In addition to this you would have to pay a monthly price even if you only watch <10% of the offered content, because 90% is … not so good.

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Exactly this.

It’s that 10% (that is mainly my documentaries) that I could never live without.

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