Why choose Infuse 7 over native Emby App on Apple TV

Hey I have a question which I was not able to find the answer for in this forum.

Why should I choose Infuse over the Emby App? Are there technical advantages?
I run my own Emby server and used the Emby App. The look of Infuse is pretty nice but if there are some technical reasons I would skip Emby and use only Infuse.

Thank you so much in advance.

Main reason is cloud support and remote servers.

For me Infuse does everything in one package without having to run a server app on another device and it’s has all the bells and whistles we needed. Simple and easy with one app.

Well, this is a dubious statement, do not be misled)

  1. like everything in one if you can’t watch a home photo.
  2. It is impossible to watch home videos from the server, sorts by date or by name, there is no way to filter by catologist like everything on the server, using Emby or Plex.
    P S/
    Only via FTP or SMB -this is very inconvenient.
    Not to mention that the whole video is vertically shot, plays upside down)

You may want to read a bit more on this.

Also on the rest of your post. :wink:

This is all clear, why can’t I just download everything from Plex and not produce more additionally?
Why is it that if my home video folder is uploaded to another one with PLEX, I can’t see everything there in the same way as a folder by folder as well as via FTP?

I’m not an emby user but from I could google I don’t see that it supports direct play or is able to losslessly decode hd audio

Make no mistake, Infuse is a great app. But “all in one”? Not for me…

No customisable collections
No multi user support
Recently added films combines ALL films
No ability to have multiple libraries (Movies, kids movies, music concerts etc.) A real pain having my music concerts showing up under films

That is why I still have Infuse connected to a Plex server…

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They recently added a ‘concert’ category, and kid’s movies would usually be found in the ‘family’ genre (per TMDB), no? Or do you mean home movies of your kids? 'Cause, yeah, that doesn’t seem to be an option. Or maybe you meant your kids’ movies, going back to the multi-user request …

Hi. I saw the addition of the categories concert & now feature films. Maybe I am doing something wrong because they don’t help me much hehe.

In Plex, I have multiple “libraries”. I can create a library called TV Shows, Movies, Standup comedies, Music Concerts etc. Then I can add lines - Recently added in TV. Recently added in Movies etc. When i click on the Movies library, i only see movies. Kids movies, only the kids movies (animation etc.). That is what i was talking about.

In Infuse, when i click on All films, it shows everything in one library. Convers, movies, standup etc.
I want to be able to separate them.

I understand to get Metadata for the concerts and Standup, they are listed as films in TMDB. Which may be compounding the problem that Infuse sees them as Films.

I don’t use playlists and as a work around i have added the Plex libraries as favourites on the home screen. But not ideal as it doesn’t show collections within that category.

Still the biggest “gripe” is having to share my “now watching” with the kids who never watch a movie till the end… (Anyone say multiple user accounts each with their own library from the same source…)

You can add support to this thread for multiple libraries

Done many many times. To this suggestion and others…