Why can't I access page 2 of this thread?

Why can’t I access page 2 of the following thread…

I have same problem.

Same here. Must be contagious.

Uh that must have been me then. I recall replying to the post from my iPhone on the first page with the image attached to it, and the image changed into this insanely long URL when I hit post. Thereafter gave the error that you see now. Thought it was only me so I gave up, but checked back now and see it’s still there and must have horked up the page.

So did anyone post a support ticket?

Well way to go ped, you broke the internet lol.

Hope the codes for j/b’ing I0S7 or ATV3 aren’t posted somewhere on page 2.


LOL, if I go back to page one of that thread, the image link that horked it up came from your post!  

I may have broke the internet, but you were a key accomplice my friend!


Okay good point.  I suk at posting pics so likely sent that thread into an infinite loop for all of eternity lol

…my bad