Why are some functions slower than Plex?

I have a question, not really beta specific but i was wondering why is like swipes or presses to bring up the movie timeline, or the menu with video audio subtitles etc so much slower than it is on Plex, always wondered about that.

I have no idea how you’re set up but all context menus, swipes, presses and resuming from a video scrub are all the same at worst… with the latter being noticeably faster in Infuse than Plex for me.

With the Apple TV 4K 2nd gen, all you are describing was extremely slow and sluggish for me too until I changed a specific setting.

Under the Playback section, you need to change Streaming Cache to Memory Only.

Ever since I changed this setting, actions like fast forwarding, pausing, changing the audio track, changing the subtitle, etc. are now fast and responsive. When the setting is at the default “Auto”, everything becomes so sluggish.

I think it’s important to mention I have this issue with the Apple TV 4K 2nd gen only. I can’t reproduce the same sluggishness when using the newer Apple TV 4K 3rd gen, no matter what Streming Cache is set at.

This fixes it for me LOL, and yes i am using the 2nd Gen Apple TV 4K which is the 2021 model. Always puzzled me why it was so slow to respond.

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