Why are network speeds fast from Windows Media Library but slow from shared drive?

When running a speed test with the same video file, I get around 300mbps when streaming from my Windows Media Library share (upnp/dlna), and around 40mbps when streaming from a shared folder (SMB).

The media library is located on an SSD, and shared folder on HDD, is this the reason for the drastic difference in network speed? Or should I be changing settings somewhere to get better speeds?

I can’t put all of my video files on my little SSD, so I’m hoping I can achieve those Media Library speeds from my shared drive.

Any help/advice/thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!

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Just a suggestion but unless you’re experiencing a playback problem I’d not worry at all about the speed test results.

It’s kind of like having a car that can do 250 miles per hour and driving it only on the streets. If you only need 70 MPH then having the extra doesn’t really matter.

Just to double check, can you create a SMB share for the SSD? That would be an apples to apples test.

Do you get buffering issues when playing from shared folder? If not then I am with NC_Bullseye.

However, of course SSD vs. HDD might result in different speeds. Especially if the HDD spins at low RPM like 5400 RPM or slower. In that case your network might be fast, but the HDD can not provide the data fast and that will result in low reading speeds. SSD have very high reading speeds. This can explain your different speeds.

Thank you @NC_Bullseye and @elchupete! I haven’t run into any buffering issues yet, so it doesn’t seem to be of immediate concern.

I did try copying the same video file onto the SSD and streamed it from a regular shared drive (SMB) and the speed test showed similar results to SMB from the HDD. So it doesn’t seem like the disk speed is the difference here.

Could there be this large of a difference in network speed based on the protocol (upnp/dlna vs SMB)?
I would like to figure out why there is a difference if only to satisfy my curiosity!

Sure can a lot can be credited to security and handshaking. I would really recommend against the DLNA since that negates the good parts of Infuse and the Library. SMB usually works well for most but there are a few options there too that may help increase speed.
In settings if you go to “Shares” select the share with SMB and then go to “Edit Share” and select “Advanced” you’ll see where it has “SMB version” usually this is set to auto but some people find there server is faster if they select “2” or “Legacy”.

Again, as long as you’re not having problems I’d not worry about the speed test.