Why Apple TV 4k freezes when playing some movies?

Good day!
I confirm your problem on my hardware with both versions of Infuse 6 in 7 (Last version’s + paid).
I use :
ATV4K 2017 + 15.1 iOS.
NAS 218+
Asus AX86U
Gigabit Network

PS: On the built-in player of my OLED Pansonic by the DLNA client on the network with NAS 218+, these files play without problems.

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Dear developers of the infuse player. Tell me, is the problem with friezes when watching video files1080p HEVC HDR FullHD (Netflix) solved somehow? When about to wait for the update ?

Quick update. I was able to pick up the 2021 ATV 4K over the weekend and it seems to be working fine now. Maybe it’s a hardware decoder issue with A10X?

Everything can be. But the fact is that the TV itself plays these files without freezes. Although the processor is much weaker than the A10X. Do you understand?

Here it is necessary to fix either the software on the ATV, or the infuse itself.

You are right. Logically speaking, a device that can play higher resolution and dynamic profiles should be able to handle a lower resolution.


We’ve tested the submitted samples here, and weren’t able to replicate any issues.

However, there are some interesting things in the logs which may indicate a system issue.

To resolve this, you may try the following.

  1. Ensure the latest 15.1.1 software is installed
  2. Restart the device
  3. Adjust the Streaming Cache option in Settings > Playback from Auto to Legacy

I have fulfilled all three points. But the presented video files still play with friezes. What is the system problem ? Are there any ways to solve it ?

I would try to maybe reset the device and see if a clean reinstall would fix this on 2017 ATV 4K? Please use

Open Settings Settings on Apple TV.

Go to Users and Accounts > iCloud and turn on One Home Screen

to save some time.

Thanks for the tip. Maybe it will help. I’m doing it right now. I will unsubscribe based on the result.

It helped!
Reset ATV to Factory settings and Adjust the Streaming Cache option in Settings > Playback from Auto to Legacy.
Thank you all!

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Do the freezes come back if the cache is switched back to auto?

I do notice that the available space of ATV is larger after a clean reset. Before it was 5GB left and after it turns out to be 20GB in a 64 GB model.

Yes. Tested it. When i’m switch the mode to auto, the video starts playing with friezes again.

And yet the problem has not completely gone away. The friezes on the video began to appear much less, but they still exist. They appeared after an hour of viewing.

What is the total time of that video that starts showing freezes after an hour?

1 hour 58 minutes.
But here it’s more insulting that the problem has not gone away.
We wrote above that there is no such problem on the new generation of ATV 4K.

Still, I would not like to buy a new device for this reason. I would like to still solve this problem with friezes. I think it’s possible.

Can you find an app that shows how much space is left in your ATV?

I don’t think it’s the lack of free space on the ATV. Firstly, I just did a factory reset yesterday. There are only 3 light applications installed on the ATV itself: infuse, speed test and megafon tv.
Secondly, as already noted above, ATV plays 4K HDR/DV BluRay video without any problems. Which automatically cuts off the problem you proposed.

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I sent a bug report 7KX3H, which was formed after yesterday’s manipulations and with legacy cache flow mode enabled according to paragraph 3 of the recommendations. But after that, the video still became with friezes.