Why Apple TV 4k freezes when playing some movies?

  1. So download the rips in question.

  2. The second question should not be dealt with by me. Infuse developers should deal with this issue. It is possible together with the developers of tvOS.

  3. Do you want to say that Apple sets completely different requirements for Apple TV 1 generation than for Apple TV 4K 2 generation?

To be honest with everyone bothered by this issue, I really think it’s the rip’s problem. I looked at some of the parameters but couldn’t find anything special. I even compared some of them to each other. The only way to prove that is to find some non-NF rips with 1080p HDR and see if any playback issues.

You’re wrong. If Rip was the problem, everyone would have it. And it is only on Apple TV 4K 1 generation.

If you think that the rip is the problem, explain why it works without problems on all other devices, including Apple TV 4K 2021.

As for the other rips, not NF. So you are suggesting that Apple TV 4K 1st generation users not watch movies from NF with HDR ? :slight_smile: Since directors and actors of class A work with the company, it is not a very good offer :slight_smile:

The native NF app has no such problem to my knowledge. Please verify from your end.

Listen up. Here is the technical support forum.
Owners of Apple TV 4K 1st generation complained about the friezes in these videos. The video files themselves and the infuse bug report were also provided. Let them analyze the file itself, look at its structure. They will look at the bug report. They will compare and understand what the problem is.

Now I, and others, want to hear either that the developers have solved the problem and will fix it in the new infuse update.
Or they will say that in view of the features of the A10X or something else, coupled with this and that, it does not give a technical opportunity to eliminate this problem. If you want to watch such files, buy an Apple TV 4K 2 generation, where there is no such problem due to the features of the A12 chip.

And sit and talk about how this rip is bad. What you need to find out what program it is made by and so on. Well, not seriously, really.

Agree with the fact that infuse is necessary in order to play files taken from somewhere, and not streaming services.

We have a potential fix for this in the current beta.

If you’d like to try this please drop me a PM and I can add you to TestFlight.

Unfortunately, I sold an Apple 4K TV of the 1st generation and I can’t test anything anymore. But I addressed this question to a user with the nickname Tarzan. In the near future, he will contact you about this to help with testing the beta version of infuse.

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James, hello. I’m ready to test. Alex asked me to help.

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Thanks for your help & PM .I have read the threads and reseted the apple tv. But the freeze and compression artifacts problem didn’t disappear.
like axl2021, I don’t think this is a rip problem since These videos come from a wide range of sources.



Anyone have any ideas?
The situation did not improve dramatically in the last beta.
There are freezes if you start the movie right away, but they don’t seem to exist if you restart the console completely.

On version 7.3 the same thing. the same microfreezes.

This thread is still tagged as “researching” so keep an eye on the “Upcoming Features” thread. :wink:

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In version infuse 7.3.3 this bug fixed or not ?

Since this thread is still tagged as “researching” and 7.3.2 was just released today so you can keep an eye on the upcoming features thread to see what 7.3.3 will address here.

Infuse 7.3.4 has a number of playback improvements which could potentially help here.

Please try updating to tvOS 15.3 and Infuse 7.3.4 and let us know if you are seeing any further issues.

I have the same issue… plus it takes forever to load a movie… They stop frequently as well

Welcome to the forum!

To help us help you, a bit more info would go a long way to narrowing down what’s going on.

First, what version number of Infuse? (Please not just “The latest…”. The actual version number helps since there are frequent updates. :wink: ) Are you using the “Free” version or do you have a current active subscription to the Pro version?

What device specifically are you seeing this issue with? ATV, ATV 4K, ATV 4K second gen?

Since this thread is over 3 months old and has multiple users with slightly different problems it would help to detail what problems your seeing.

Some specs on how you’re using Infuse will also help, how are you connected from Infuse to the server? WiFi, Ethernet, Internet?

What protocol are you using to connect to the server? SMB, FTP, Cloud share, Plex, etc.

Does the problem happen on ALL videos or only specific types?

Have you run a speed test from within Infuse on the problem files? What did you get?

I have 6pro on SMB using Appletv 4k with time capsule over Ethernet