Why Apple TV 4k freezes when playing some movies?

I have some movies, and the media information is shown in the picture. When playing with Apple TV 4K, it will freeze from time to time (stuck on a picture while the sound is still playing, and it can be played again after a few seconds) .I tested it on the iPhone 12 without any problems. May I ask what is the reason?I’m using a emby server under the same lan.

there are more problems when playing video.can anyone help me?

The only time I’ve ever seen anything like this is when the video source was bad. Since the iPhone has a newer processor perhaps it is able to decode this format better than the Apple TV.

I have the same problem for the first time, but with a resolution of 1920x1080; Codec: MPEG-H Part2/HEVC (H.265) (hevc)
Apple TV 5th Generation 64GB

The same film runs without problems on an iPad.

What tvOS and what version number of Infuse?

I had the same problem yesterday with the movie Finch.
Newest tvOS and newest Infuse (beta) version.
This was the HDR version not the DV version.

Just to clarify, what number for tvOS and do you have the same issue with the release version of Infuse?

I’am at work at the moment so I can’t check right now 'll do later today.

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Apple tv 4k (2017) with tvOS 15.1 and infuse 7.2.1 . I also tested the emby app, same problem

So i just tested it.
tvOS version 15.2 (19K5043b)
Infuse version 7.3 (3915)

Image freezes for 2/3 seconds but audio is still running.
Same thing with the version from the appstore.
Als have the same issue on my iPhone 13 pro.
Both connected through Jellyfin.

Then i thought, it is always feezing at the same time in the movie so i played the same file with VLC on my phone, it did not freeze but it was showing me strange picture, see below.

I am now thinking it is the file that is not right cause for now this is the only movie i have this with. I’ll look for a different file and post an update here.

Sorry for my bad english, cheers.

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If you can also test that video using non beta releases for both tvOS and Infuse. Betas are notorious for adding issues especially when your running both beta OS and app.

is this video also using hevc?

Yes it does.

I also notice that it only happens on the 1080p HDR10 rips from NF. Maybe it’s a source thing.

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If you are in the mood to upload a sample video that is causing trouble we can review it here.

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For me it looks like the problem has been solved and the issue was the movie itself.

Tested on 3 versions of Infuse, on iPhone an ATV.

Just watched the whole movie in 4K Dolby Vision on newest beta. No problems.

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I uploaded today an 1080p sample

I have submitted 2 sample videoes .Sample1 is an 1080P hevc video with compression artifacts randomly and Sample2 is a 4K hevc video which will freeze for few seconds when playing

Freezez video then watch.
My system: Apple TV 4K (tvOS 15.1.1), infuse 7.2.1.
i noticed lags when playing video files in FullHD resolution with the presence of HDR in the file. Infuse version 7.2.1. tvOS version 15.1.1.
Lags appear in the form of video slowing down in different places of the video (there is no pattern). That is, if the file is restarted, the prefix is restarted, etc., brakes may occur at other times.
As an example, I will give:
The film “Red Notice” -

I have never seen such lags in 4K HDR. And it seems like I haven’t seen any troubles with 1080p HDR files before. Restarting the player / console does not solve the issue.
Interesting. The infuse glitch, or the Apple TV 4K itself, which started to steam up the brains. Directly via USB to the TV, bypassing infuse and ATV - without lags.
Attached a video with an example of a lag. And such brakes happen during the viewing many times, at different moments. Buffering has passed at the file. There is no trouble with the network, the router is nimble. the file itself from the Samsung T5 SSD drive is coming. That is, all the equipment is excellent.The same 4K blueray goes easily.And then some kind of trouble.
The bitrate and resolution are not high, the file itself is light and, in principle, there should be no problems.
https://cloud.mail.ru/public/w5Tb/5NtgETeKX - the link is have a video where the lag is visible
There are no lags in 1080p files without HDR.

I sent three files. Two files are examples of videos that the player cannot play correctly. On the third, the smallest video showed how the video slows down.