Why am I seeing multiple Metadata on certain movies?

Some movies show 20 to 30 metadata. This didn’t occur with version 4.x.x.


James, why is this still occurring? I always see the same metadata 10-20 times and can’t figure out how to fix it. I have the latest Infuse, but this also happened with v4.

What method are you using to connect to the system which is serving the video files to Infuse?

I have a ReadyNAS 202 which is connected via ethernet cable to an Apple Extreme (latest model). In the Shares, I have Infuse set to ReadyNAS 202, which works, but this is where I see multiple metadata’s. One movie has over 20 metadata’s. I tried to share as SMB, but it’s not connecting that way.

Any advice?


Although you have said that you are not using SMB, you haven’t said what method you are actually using.

Is it by any chance a UPnP/DNLA connection. James has previously mentioned that they have seen some DNLA servers which serve up the video file with a different path name; this makes Infuse see it as a different file each time. I suspect that may be what is happening in your case. If that is so then you will need to connect to your ReadyNAS by another connection method in order to avoid the problem.

How can I tell what method the ReadyNAS is connected? When I clicked on Share, I could see the ReadyNAS 202 availability, so I picked that one and entered my user and password. From that point, I could see my video’s, with multiple metadata.

What would be the best method to connect? Thanks!

I figured it out. I manually entered the info for SMB and it worked.