Why AFP files sharing don’t come?

I use only Mac’s or Apple products in my home … I have one QNAP nas server in the middle … for using INFUSE it’s necessary to enable SMB file sharing but just for it .:frowning:

Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) has been deprecated by Apple. This happened around OS X 10.9. That just means that it is supported but no longer developed. Apple now put all development effort (new features) into SMB. If you are not comfortable running SMB on your NAS, NFS provides for a very good alternative.

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ML’s post is spot on - Apple started moving away from AFP in 2013, so it didn’t make a lot of sense for us to add in Infuse. An article which provides a bit more info on this can be found here.

Also, the upcoming 5.6.9 update will include an all-new SMB implementation with SMB3 support which is pretty darn fast. :wink:

James - your current implementation of SMB isn’t bad so I am excited to see whats in store… that and Plex integration.

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