Who has the biggest library?

So what size libraries are people using Infuse with? What backend do you use?

Personally I use unRAID (home built NAS) with 36TB (32 filled), about 2900 movies and 9500 tv episodes.

Wondering if people have hit upper limits of Infuse?

12-bay Synology NAS with 21.5 TB of 31.4 TB filled. About 560 movies, 2000 TV episodes. I’m a sucker for high bitrates.

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I have a 400k floppy with about a 3 minute 480p video.

Does that count?


1710 movies and 1644 episodes and need more disk space

13.75 TB of movies and tv series so far. Which I thought was a lot, but it seems not.

Infuse says 780 movies and 1900 episodes.

Been collecting for over 10 years. All my dvds and box sets are in the attic but it’s easier and quicker to download, rather than rip and encode. Who has the time for example to rip stargate sg1 which ran for 10 years averaging 20 odd episodes per seasons.

I probably have some illegal ones too, e.g. the fall guy season 3 not yet released on dvd!

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