Whites are green

In addition to my issue with slow/stuttering playback, I’ve been getting this problem where sometimes, on initial play of a video, or when resuming from the Apple TV screensaver, white areas turn green. It goes away if you go back to the menu and start playback again. I have match range on, and I believe this may be related to range switching: menus / screensaver are in HDR, but the issue occurs with SDR content.

The issue:

How the scene should look:

Do you by any chance have a Mac computer?

This happens to me on occasion with Dolby vision content where I get a bunch of pinks. I think it’s an Apple TV handshake issue with either my tv or receiver.

I also have a Mac computer, but as stated in the OP, this is occurring on the ATV.

Understood that it’s occurring on the ATV, the reason I asked is that you can use the Mac to view what the ATV is putting out to eliminate the possibility of a problem between the ATV and the TV