Which XBMC version with ATV Flash Black 2.1?

Because I hear FRODO is not working properly with subtitles from XBMC Subtitles add-on. With EDEN there was no problem.

Thank you.

Currently, the latest Frodo version is available through aTV Flash (black).

i already have season pass jail break and also a NitoTV and XBMC on my apple TV black… if i install the latest updated version of ATV flash just released will i still have XBMC, or does the new atvflash have it as well…? i dont want to lose what i already have, but am interested in the atv flash…



do not update


aTV Flash (black) can be updated without affecting XBMC, Plex or any other 3rd party plugins. However, if you choose to use Seas0nPass to update the Apple TV to the newer 5.2 software then things like XBMC and Plex will no longer work (at least for the time being).

i have just read few forums… is XBMC working now on the latest ATV flash?  just to confirm so i get this and do this correctly, do i need to re-jailbreak my ATV using latest season pass, then purchase ATV flash 5.2…? and this will include XBMC?

is this correct?


ATV Flash does NOT include XBMC.   What it does provide is a GUI based way to install XBMC (as one of its features).  XBMC is downloaded and installed from the XBMC servers if you select this option.  However this is the same XBMC that can be installed via other methods so if you only want XBMC it is up to you whether you decide to buy ATV Flash.

OK thank for that, I am a bit of a novice in this area, but like the options that all this provides me on my ATV… i think i will get the new season pass and then the ATV flash now… i may need more help and advise later… cheers all…