Which player do you use to watch movies - Media Player or XBMC

Hi All,

just curious as to what most of you use to playback your movies on ATV2. Do you prefer the firecore Media Player or the XBMC player?

My initial testing with big MKV’s show better results (less buffering) using the Media player.

This actually surprises me as I would have thought the XBMC player would have been the most evolved.

Keen to hear others experiences.





Media Player it works and my wife can use it , and if she is happy then i am :slight_smile:

Is there also a video quality difference between XBMC player and the Firecore one? I know XBMC use hardware acceleration and don’t encode/convert for example a .mkv. How does the Firecore Mediaplayer behave? Also transparent .mkv so no live conversion or something?


Before i use Air Video on the iPad and stream via AirPlay to my tv, but you can see it is converted, also when i pick the highest bitrate.