Which NAS to choose

Hi there.

I’m new to infuse and am currently just using my PC which always needs to be on as my infuse library. I am looking at getting a NAS so that I can store all the media on there and allow the infuse library to stream from there. I can’t decide between two Synology setups and I am not sure if I need the more expensive one or if the cheaper one will be sufficient enough.

I rip blu rays and have a few 4K movies so it will need to have 4K streaming capabilities (which I believe the infuse app allows)

The two NAS’s are:
DS718+ : this is more expensive but it states it can transcode 4K.

DS218+: cheaper but will it allow me to stream 4K?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

There have been several threads recently about choosing a NAS and here’s one that may help you narrow down your search.

Personally, I’d go for the gusto. While the lesser NAS may work you will most likely find that you could have really used some of the features the more loaded unit has to offer. I’m considering the 918+ myself after spending a mind numbing period of time comparing the options.

Go with anything that has an intel processor. The 918+ and the 418play are virtually identical with the only difference being included ram and the ability to add an expansion bay. The 418play will do all the transcoding you need at a cheaper price. I’d only recommend going with the bigger unit if you plan on running docker images on the unit. One thing to note is all the synology NAS devices are limited to transcoding 4K @ 30fps. Any 60fps content won’t transcode… though this shouldn’t be an issue unless you watch a lot of homemade ripped YouTube content.

Unlike plex, Infuse doesn’t do any transcoding or force the NAS to transcode. It just streams directly from the original file. The only thing to be concerned about would be read speed and network speed (min gigabit ethernet). Assuming your drives are fast enough, ethernet will be the limiting factor, which is plenty fast enough for any 4k streaming.

I have a DS918+ with 32tb myself and it works absolutely brilliantly.
The goal however shouldn’t be transcoding, it should be to transfer the file to Infuse so it can direct play.

I’m still happily using a DS412+ - so that was released in 2012… and streams I can watchinclude 4k over a 5gHz wifi connection (from a good Asus router, not some generic ‘free’ router from an ISP).

Using Infuse allows you to completely avoid transcoding - and you DO want to avoid it (and avoid using Plex to play any media… I have the lifetime Plex Pass and Minix box experience to be so happy to have left that behind…).

If you can, try to go for a 4 bay unit if you want to allow for expanding needs later on - there’s a lot of excellent software for the Synology whuch oyu may end up suing from surveillance webcams , Roon, and much much more…

But otherwise you could start with a 2 bay like the cheaper 218+ which will work fine for supplying media to your infuse, and later on sell it to upgrade once you know that’s what you want to spend money on (and keep the WD Red hard drives anyway… maybe 6Tb or more depending on the price sweet spot right now…)