Which NAS for 4K file sharing to Infuse + other questions about NAS in general

Hi all,
I’m in the step to switch from my Mac to a dedicated NAS to feed Infuse with my 4K BDMV files.
I’m completely new to this NAS stuff and was sharing through my Mac before but don’t want to keep my Mac on the whole time that’s why I want to switch to a NAS.
Now let’s get to my question which you can hopefully provide some advice for me:

1: I’m leaning towards a Synology NAS but not sure which model either the DS1522+ or the DS1621+ (or should I wait for an upcoming not confirmed DS1624+?) the DS1522+ is a dual core model and the DS1621+ a quad core model so will there be a big difference when sharing my 4K movies to Infuse ? Are both models fast enough or should I go with a different model or brand? Is the dual core model (DS1522+) still fast enough for Infuse with my files and future proof?

2: Do I need the 10GB Ethernet upgrade for those type of 4K BDMV files or is a 1GB connection still not a bottleneck because some files are 90GB+.

3: Should I go for a NVME read only cache or not? Is it giving me an advantage when streaming the 4K content on my Apple TV 4k with Infuse Pro?

4: Should I stay with the stock 8GB Ram (DS1522+) or 4GB Ram (DS1621+) is this enough or do I need more if so how much is sufficient enough?

5: Should I stay with SMB or change to NFS or something else? (NAS and Apple TV connected to the Router via ethernet)

I’m happy if you could provide me some tips and tricks if you have some to don’t fall in some problems you maybe had in the past.

Many thanks in advance!

Hope you guys have a nice weekend! :blush:

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