Which is best for the Upcoming direct mode? Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex

um… there isn’t? I toggled off the infuse library, and it is able to use my Plex server. I thought that plex has a direct mode, but the beta’s have not progressed to parity for all features/options between Emby/Jellyfin and Plex.


This really confused me too.

Wait, really?

Check out the upcoming features list for version 7.7

My bad. Where is the put tape over Somone’s mouth emoji. Apologies to NC Bullseye and the infuse team…

Not a problem! It’s not like the launch codes I posted by accident once. :rocket:

Just trying to keep the misunderstandings to a minimum. It’s been public knowledge that this is in beta (and actually alpha due to the massive undertaking) so beta info can be very fluid day to day depending on the development. That’s why we try and keep the discussions to the release versions. :wink:

Exactly this. On my shield i use and prefer emby but on my apple tv i use plex to infuse direct mode since intro skip is something we really like. When infuse includes emby intro skip I will most likely be using the emby server.

Unpopular opinion (or not) : I love latest shenanigans (The Social Discover tab I presume) and I hope they stick around (there is no question they can solve GDPR issues (“privacy” to use a broader term).

It’s great to know what my children watchlist and it’s entertaining to know what friends on other servers have watched and rated (this can probably done cross-platform with Trakt).

Now with the release of Direct Mode… which is in fact best for this? I’m using Emby with some success… am I missing out on something by not exploring Jellyfin or Plex? I like Jellyfin because they seem more focused on transparency and privacy but I’m not sure about how they can keep up with features.

“If it works, don’t fix it!”
That’s more serious than it seems at first: Are you missing out features you’d like to benefit from?

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One annoying thing in Emby maybe is that I have a mixed library where I am collecting anime series and movies. But Emby is having trouble creating covers for them. I think it either believes this to be a movies library, or a tv series library and it only fetches (and displays) cards depending on how you define this when you create the library -and you can’t change it afterwards, you have to create a new library.

TTBMK, Plex is similar. You can change the library type but it you had in mind switching every time you add a new media to use the appropriate scanner, I would really advise you not to do that.
Is this an issue for you to have 2 libs?