Which Infuse do I have

I have done that. I can’t see any record of having purchased a subscription or 7 pro. I did in the past buy a lifetime for Infuse and I also bought your pro version. I see purchases of the apps ( which are before 7) but not the lifetime. This was discussed a year or two ago & it seemed confusing then. At some point something changed. In any case since my installed Infuse on both my Apple TV’s and an iPad Pro say Pro and are version 7.x I assume somehow I must have qualified for the lifetime thing. Lifetime isn’t a subscription and I don’t know how to buy it since installing Infuse doesn’t give me in app purchasing. Is there a free version of Infuse that isn’t pro and could then be upgraded?

Before 7 there was a standalone pro version, separate from the free version with subscription. Maybe that is where some of the confusion lies. Can you show a screenshot of “Infuse Pro” and a screenshot of the version number from the infuse app.

Link to current version:

From my iPad. Have used Infuse from the first time it came out.

That’s the latest version. Lifetime is a one-time purchase, not an ongoing subscription. Ongoing subscriptions should show in your iCloud settings, not sure about one-time purchases though

I bought a lifetime version and then a Pro version. This was before 7, I am pretty sure. So since the lifetime one stopped at some point I don’t know why my 7 is Pro and I have no way of buying a lifetime for it. I like Infuse a lot, but I have other options. I don’t understand why this is so complicated, and it was no simpler a year or two ago. All pretty strange.

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I’d say that you did in fact purchase the lifetime option when version 7 came out.

If you’re seeing the current pro version and you’re not seeing a recurring charge either monthly or annually then you have the Lifetime subscription and there won’t be any way to purchase pro in the app since you have it already.

You’re good to go now for all future versions of Infuse at no additional charges including V8, V9 etc.

You can follow the instructions in the link above and you should be able to dig back and find it. It just takes more digging for some items.

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